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I'm new here. I've been having Trouble Speaking. Why won't my words come out?

It comes and goes but happens much more frequently than I wish. I was once a great speaker I would have no problem standing up anywhere and speak to any amount of people; I've given countless speeches to countless of people, I was a true public speaker. But lately, I've had difficulty just talking to one person, I'll talk and usually it's at the beginning of a sentence when the word(s) won't come out. I try to slow down think about that I'm going to say but I already know what I want to say and I wind up just standing with an open mouth grunting in an attempted to get the word out. When that happens sometimes I even need to apologize to the person I'm conversing with and I have no problem getting those words out. In elementary school I had a speech impediment but thanks to my speech therapist we work through those problems. I feel so stupid when that happens because i know that I'm better than that; it makes me scared to speak quite often.

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I m sorry you are struggling but when we are anxious it can affect our speech and then we become self conscious and get more anxious so it becomes worse

Maybe speak with your Doctor so they can reassure you or even maybe send you to a speech therapist again just to gain your confidence , I am sure this will get better but you may need a little support with your anxiety :-)

Take Care x


Hi,I have been diagnosed recently with functional disorder.Im not an anxious personand have not had anxiety,but im a severe fibromyalgia ad M.e Patient.Recently out of the blue i had a fluctuating problem with my speech.I would be unable to initiate a word or most words when trying to speak.I was brought into hospital due to query cVA ( stroke) as my speech problem came on suddenly and i managed to phone my gp who rdered an ambulance.I only realised i had a problem speaking when i woke from a nap and was unabe to converse with my daughter.The words were stuttery if they came out at all.The speech was halting and tortured and periods of up to 10 seconds trying to pronounce a word or to sting words together in a smoothly flowing manner.There was no problem understanding speechjust severe problems speaking.I have no history of speech impediment and i too was a public speaker through my work.I was assesed for everything and and everything was normal except my speech.This continued for about 3 days before it gradually became easier to speak normally with the unaffected words starting to out number the stuggled utterances.I have since found that i can have a hesitation or slight stutter when i become extremely tired.My speech therapist and O.T.In the hospital said that i had extreme tension in my throat that was causing my problems.Since then(April ) i have had a few few days / moments whereby i will struggle or my speech will falter slightly.This is always a surprise to me as it happens with no warning and i am not under any stress except for the fact that im bedbound with me/ and suffer extreme pain daily.This however has been my norm for the past 4 years so not anything new at all.perhaps my speech problem is also a side effect of my M.E and cognitive problems from it and the fibro.Anyway just a few hints as to my experience.It is transitory for me and i have found that now it only happens when i am exhausted from broken sleep or extra tired say from a hosptal appt. visit.I hope that yo fibd an answer soon,i have just tried to explain my transitry speech problem that apperaed out of the blue.

Warmest regards and good luck.


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