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My neck

It seems every little weird thing that happens to me I get worried about now yesterday I was in the car with some of my Friends and she was driving fast then I gess she hit this bump on the road it sent me up bumping my head on the roof but I have lots of hair I didn't feel pain when I hit it it's when I can down my spine together close like D D D D D D D that's a normal spine but what I felt was DDDDDD WHEN I came down was like my Spine on the back of my neck was rubbing together maybe there was miner pain later like 1-10 my pain was 4 but that was on Friday and it still hurts a little not a whole lot it doesn't feel broken it just feels uncomfortable😂 maybe whiplash the pain doesn't seem to radiat to the front only the back my neck feels stiff and my back is a little bit to

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