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How to stop racing thoughts

I woke up again this morning with those negative racing thoughts. My chest is tight, my heart pounding, and I feel very tense.  My negative thoughts have no basis, I don't know why I am thinking them, I am full of doubts, worry and what if's.

How did I get here and how do I stop thinking this way?  It is paralyzing and I just want to cry all day.

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I barely got any sleep last night myself because sometimes my mind just don't sleep smh I'm feeling life is so short you wake up everyday going into the unexpected and never know the WHAT IFS SMH it feels like life is just not real anymore because my thoughts over the place we will get better keep your head up 

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I feel like this most days. Have you tried therapy? I get horrible symptoms and thoughts. Try some excersize and deep breathing, keeping busy, and nice relaxing things to take your mind off it and maybe lift your mood x


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