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Terrible Anxiety

I have been suffering from depression for around 15 years, slowly it has gotten worse, I  still have a job by the skin of my teeth but as a teacher it wont be for long. I cannot describe the terror of doing any job, in fact getting out of bed. I was diagnosed with severe restless leg syndrome last year but for the last 3 weeks I have been under a Psychologist who with my GP believes I may have bi polar 2 disorder. They have referrred me to mental health and a psychiatrist. Noone is sure if theres a link between rls and bi polar or if rls has been misdiagnosed. I will be losing my job soon and to be honest I have no choice I simply cannot teach, I cant go out of the door, my mood swings are rapid, one minute im up through the night painting, the next life is so bad I am looking for an easy painless way to die. I know I'm selfish but the pain and worry i feel is indescribable. I am on Diazipan 3 times a day, mirzapine for depression, 8 codeine phosphate and a neuro patch(rigotone) for rls. Has anyone heard of a link of rls and bi polar disorder? I have tried to take my own life, the crisis team came out and because I wasnt frothing at the moyh said there was nothing they could do, so on to a psychologist who said my problems are much deeper than the 6 sessions she could deliver, so now to mental health and a psychiatrist, which I was really impressed with as it took less than a week from referal to appointment. I have lost 3 stone in 3 months and simply don't feel well at all, I sleepvery little odd cap naps. My words are becoming slurred and slow, I feel like my body is simply shutting down, I hope that it is bi polar andnot rls as the medication for rls is simply not working praying yo are all well Karl 

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Karl i have no suggestions but i am thinking about you and praying for you. 


Karl, I'm sorry to hear that, that's horrible all that you're going through, I pray that you will get better ! But if you need anything we're all here for you, post your concerns on here whenever ! 


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