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So lost

I'm not sure this is the right page to post this on but I really just need someone to talk to who understands. For the past couple months I have been pushed to my limit. I can feel myself shutting down. I can't sleep, I feel sick to my stomach, and I've been having chest pain. Honestly the past couple days all I can think about is ending it... Ijust don't know what to do my thoughts are suffocating me. 

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Firstly i wanna say well done for making it here. Its a big hurdle youve already jumped. Secondly you need to build a castle in your mind with you as the king. Call him instinct or thoughts or whatever but he needs to be there. When stress becomes too much and you want to scream and run far far away become a stubborn mule and let your king talk. Mine is a foul mouthed angry heartless brute but he needs to be to fight the anxiety and stress sometimes. He'll say 'fuck them all, doesnt matter what those pigs think or say or do. Do what you want adam' and i obey.

Sounds abit far fetched but the seasoned users on here will understand. Basically you need an internal fighting force that cannot be beat. A mean son of a bitch that will pick you up when your chips are down. Maybe its the truth or maybe ive got schizophrenia, either way ot works for me and i hope this snippet of info proves useful.

Always remember, never let the bastards grind you down.

Adam x


I have been sorta the same way....Though I've been depressed a lot. What has been pushing you to your limit?


Hey man hang in there, things will be better and don't give up 😊 I know it's easier said than done but just continue to be strong ! 


me? many many things :) but like i said, dont let the bastards grind you down :)


We can get through this! I am constantly attacked by my Thoughts. I am always terrified about what i thibk about and its driving me crazy. I keep thinking i have an illness or iam going to die soon. And its horrible to live like this. But we can do it. We have to take control of our minds again... There have been times when i wanted to end it by thinking of ways but i never attempted. I have to fight this. We can all fight this!


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