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Weight loss or?

My skin has become very loose and I don't feel as chunky as I used to be. I'm very small and petite. I'm 19year old female, I'm about 5ft1 and no bigger than a UK size 4/6. I weigh about 6 1/2 stone. Is that ok? Is there something wrong? My actual weight hasn't really decreased I just feel different and everything looks different. I'm worry sick about this now :(

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You sound like you are petite which I wish I was :-D 

If you weight has not changed and you are eating and not loosing any I really would not worry , if you are not eating or loosing weight without trying then I would speak with my Doctor but does not sound like that is the case 

As you get older and at 19 you are still a teen even though you may not want to hear that but your body does changed shape , it will change again no doubt maybe in your 30's and so on , wait till you get in your 50's and above you will want that slender figure back and wonder where it went :-D 

Make sure you eat well and accept you are maturing and we don't stay the same :-)

Take Care x


Haha thank you, being small is awful I can never ever find clothes to fit :( I just sit waitin for the day I fill out!!!!! Being small is horrible. I often get people saying wish I was as small as you and I'm here like trust me you don't know the struggle haha.

I had a blood test about a year ago and it was just after that things started changing. I've also been through a lot of stress and anxiety maybe that has something to do with it. 

Thank you for your reply and take care too x

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Hi there haha I usually go by stone what do you use in the US? Well in terms of numbers I haven't lost a tremendous amount of weight. I just don't feel as firm and bulky as I was a year ago. It all seems loose and squiggly if you get what I mean 


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