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getting no were what's happening with my pregnancy getting anxious

no scan any more I don't know what on earth is going on I had very very fight positive pregnancy test  but the clear blue said  not pregnant iam 6 weeks why is it doing that I don't know and doctors are just tell me I could of had a very early miscarriage  I feel very pregnant for all this weeks the scan is cancelled    as I had a negative pregnancy test now got to wait for pregnancy test blood results iam getting very anxious now  its been a very confusing 2 weeks and iam getting no were they should done my blood work 2 weeks back no one can tell me 100% whats up they are confused and iam left here not knowing what's happening :(

I been anxious for 2 weeks its all a waiting game hope to find out the blood results asap as this is not fair on me :(

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I am sorry you have been left so confused and understand why you must be feeling so anxious 

When I was pregnant with my first child I did a pregnancy test and it came back positive 

Went to the Doctors they did one and it said negative !

Like you I was in turmoil , had to wait another week or so and the Doctor did another one and I was positive this time so my first one was right yet for some unknown reason the second one came back negative 

It is not very nice place to be but try and tell yourself what will be will be , if you are pregnant then in a few weeks ( hopefully less  ) you will have an answer and in the meantime try and look at the beautiful little family you already have and the joy they bring you and tell yourself what  is meant to be will be ( I know not easy but true we are powerless over somethings )

If you want to talk because you are finding it hard keep coming on while you get through this difficult time :-)

Take Care x


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