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Anxiety v Vagus Nerve

I started having slight vague symptoms 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and they started seriously escalating 6 months ago after I woke up with a painful stiff neck.  I tick just about all the boxes for Anxiety BUT I don't worry, I don't feel anxious, no dread thoughts.  All my symptoms seem to have started from this neck tension and stiffness, then left face, jaw, ear, eye, mouth, tongue and top left chest front and back.  Thought about Vagus Nerve but so far any medico looks at me as if I'm a Google trawler (which I am).  So my question is - can you have anxiety without having anxiety.

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Hi RetaMay,  your question being, "can you have anxiety w/o having anxiety".   I too have A-Fib which my doctor feels was brought on by my severe anxiety at the time.  Once I found out that I had A-Fib, that in itself made me anxious not even taking into consideration my stress.  So I'm thinking if you had A-Fib w/o being anxious, it's probably caused by the vagus nerve stimulation.  Hmmm    Any thoughts on this?

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