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Hey guys , so I've been feeling fine these past days . Well for the most part , I still get chest pains from time to time . Like today I woke up with few chest pains I worked out and once I stopped maybe about 10 -15 min later I got this burning sensation on side of my left breast ? Idk it felt weird . Now here I am freaking out 🙁 . I've been cleared by a cardiologist so I know it's not heart related . this damn anxiety !!! Why can't it just go away and leave me alone 🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁

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Hi,  I use to work out so I am familiar with that burning on the side of the breast.  It's coming from the chest wall muscle.  Lactic acid builds up in our muscles after working out it's a good idea to hydrate.  They usually say skip one day between work outs.  I actually miss that feeling in my chest.  It made me feel healthy.  The thing is not to think of it as something bad.  There's always an explanation for everything and since your cardiologist ruled out any heart problems, enjoy going to the gym and staying healthy.  It's a normal sensation. 


Thank you !!! It's tough to not over think with this insane anxiety 🙁

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I totally understand anxiety getting in the way of everything.  I hope you will be okay and enjoy being healthy.  x


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