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Today I felt so terrible I stayed in the bed all day. My head hurts and my body feels so weird. I really don't know what to do at this point. I'm so tired, sometimes I just want to give up. This has completely taken control of my life. I don't go out any more and I'm not active with my son who is very busy. I don't feel like a mother because I can't go out and do the things that mothers do with their son, not to mention I'm a single mother who is trying so hard. I really don't have family support so yeah I feel so alone at times. I'm dreading day to day. I need help


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  • I know how you feel, exactly. Anxiety can consume our thoughts and takes us away from our babies. Have you tried chamomile tea? It was recommended to me by a pharmacist. You can drink it with honey and it calms and relaxes your body down. I drink 4 cups a day and i havent had an anxiety attack for two weeks now. The symptoms i have still come and go but not as often and now that i know they are only symptoms of anxiety i have learned to ignore them so they fade away quickly. Also talk to God and pray, hes listening. Give him your worries and anxiety, he will heal you. Just give yourself whole heartedly to him. I dont take meds for my anxiety, just drink my tea and pray and I am slowly but surely starting to feel like myself again. Even playing with my babies again. I hope you get to feeling better soon and you will be in my prayers. God Bless you.

  • Thank you both so much. I will try taking steps in getting out the bed and doing Lil tasks around the house and try drinking the chamomile teams well

  • Dear Lovely85, I am very sorry to read your message. When I was suffering severe depression/anxiety, I could get out of bed only to visit the bathroom and open the curtains and nothing else. It was having to prepare an evening meal for my son that eventually got me up in the afternoon. "Take baby steps" was the advice I was given. In other words, do a small task for a short time, and then reward yourself with a lie-down. Then, thinking positively about what you have achieved may encourage you to attempt another activity. I am sure that bed-rest is the body's way of recovering, so you could think of it as part of your recovery, and YOU WILL GET BETTER!!! Wishing you love, joy and peace, Pearwig.

  • I'm so sorry you feel so bad. I can relate to how you feel. It helps to know your not alone with these feelings! I wish I could give you an answer. Lonliness is like a cancer that eats at you and the more time you have to think the worst you feel. Your head aches and you just want to stop the Constant whirl of emotions going round. The thing that helps me is keeping busy and being round people I can talk to and be myself with. Good friends who except your funny ways and the more you talk about your feelings you will be surprised how many people are lonely. It's hard being a single mum and my hat goes of to you. I don't know how old your son is? But if you can gently let him know your finding life tough and need time to rest, as your body is going through trauma. This makes you very tired and achey. Trust me I know. Your doing so well. To come on here and share your feelings is a start. You need to let it out. Thinking of you with kindness. Xxx

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