Hey u YEA U GOD has given me a special MESSAGE TO deliver to you tonight beloved son/daughter don't worry about your fears I look after you every day and every night from when you take your covers off your body's to get up in the morning till you put your heads on your pillow don't be scared of anything trust in me because my plan for you is already in motion I AM the alpha and omega who ever believes in me shall have ever lasting life be at peace I am always there looking after you always if you need company simply pray. 

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  • I believe. Thank you for spreading the wonder news of "Our Lord GOD". 

    Plant a little seed in the hearts of the unbelievable and skeptable. Pray that they come to see the Light of Salvation.

  • Needed this tonight!

  • How are you today, SheezusChrist? God Bless You!

  • amen I do believe God!!

  • Amen🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Very encouraging Thank you for posting

  • Thank you for that!  I try to remember that any time I get anxious!

  • I just was watching an old tv show from the 80's and it reminded me of my son who passed! I say passed cuz he did not die he passed onto another life and I shall see him soon! Beautiful post! I just wish I could have  protected him like you with ur covers! Thank you for that post because when he was young I did protect him!!! Godspeed and HALELUJAH!!!

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