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Coming off the combined pill

I always had heavy periods but 6 years ago they got heavier and very painful. Everytime i stood up I'd feel a gush, small clots.. mid cycle was agony and I'd spot. I had a smear, scan and saw a gynaecologist who said I was fine and it was an age thing. I was 30 at the time. It caused me intense anxiety. I became very anxious checking myself every day incase I was spotting and I couldn't do much due to the bleeding on my period week. It really effected my life. I had horrible anxiety because of it, I'd dread my period all month lono and I had long cycles too.

My gp put me on loestrin 20. I reluctantly tried it as I was desperate. I have bad anxiety taking medication especially the pill as I feared dvts/PE. It worked and my periods are 3 days long now and barely there. It's been great. My anxiety calmed so much and I could get out and live life. The fear of dvt and pe is still there every day even now 4 years on.

I've recently found out I have high cholesterol, high LDL and triglycerides. I'm 36, slim 116lbs, non smoker... high cholesterolis in my family. I did some reading and read you shouldn't take the pill if you have high LDL and triglycerides. My gp never told me this!

So I want to come off it but I have a dilemma. I've just had a relapse with my anxiety disorder due to my son being bullied and crippled by panic attacks. I had to help him through it and the stress it caused made my anxiety disorder surface again. I've even had agoraphobia creep back in due to how weak and dizzy I've felt. I'm just now coming out of it and getting back out doing exposure work. I feel happy and positive again. I'm thinking it's pretty silly of me to come off the pill now when I am just getting back on my feet after 3 months of ill health and stress. I'm just working on my anxiety and making progress so surely coming off is a a silly idea if I could risk heavy periods ruling my life, and triggering that anxiety all over again. It could spoil our holiday this summer too which I'm working on my anxiety for to get back on my feet. I had anxiety 4 years ago triggered by a horrible traumatic time in my life. I had panic disorder and agoraphobia but I got over it. I was happy living life again until my son was struggling. Then my anxiety disorder hit hard again.

I'm due to re start it tomorrow and can't make the decision. It difficult. My gp says at 36 I'm fine as I don't smoke and am slim. He says loestrin 20 is very low risk as tiny amount of hormone but I always worry about risk of breast cancer and dvt.

I know only I can make this decision. I'm just struggling to decide what's for the best.

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Before I read all your post I was going to say exactly what you Doctor has told you , even with a family history of anything they have guidelines they follow as no matter if you have a family or not there is always a risk when taking anything even though that small most of the time hardly worth thinking about but they do take so much into account when either saying yes you can take this or no and sounds like they have done this and given you the thumbs up so I really would try not to worry and maybe until you get through what sounds like an awful time and so very sorry to hear what you have been through regarding you Son ( dreadful ! ) but maybe stay with it , have your holiday which as a family you sound like you all need and then you could look at the situation again maybe ?

I do think if we can possible make sure we are in the best place possible because life will never be perfect but if we can be someone where we are managing it ok then then any changes are always better made then :-)

You are right though only you can decide as it is your body and if you are like me deep down you will know what you need to do but the anxiety will try and confuse you but go with your gut feeling for me it has always never let me down unless I have decided not to listen to it :-)

Take Care x

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Thank you so much for your reply it was perfect advice. It's exactly how I've been feeling.  I want this holiday,boy do we need it and throwing heavy periods back into my life may set me back in my anxiety. It could set me back and I am just coming out of a very tough time. I'm starting to get out again and living life. My anxiety has decreases a little. I do worry will hormones all over the place make things worse again. 

Thank you for replying to me. I appreciate it.


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