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Could anxiety be hereditary?


In the past I have taken several different anti-depression meds. (not at the same time of course) After taking this pill for one thing and then another to counteract a side effect), I downsized and cut out most of them. No longer on anti-depressants although still on high blood pressure med. Anyway just this week my second daughter was put on an anti-depressant for anxiety. Now both daughters are taking anti-depressants. This makes me wonder if this is just a "norm" for stress in life today, or just hereditary?

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I think this is a good question and we may all have different opinions but for me my Mum was always anxious , my Dad lived of his anxiety even though both very successful in life so not as bad as me but I always wondered if having both of their genes if that is how I ended up the way I was as well as years ago having an Uncle apparently that was hospitalized with anxiety which is what they used to do back in those days so makes you wonder

Having said that I look at my 3 grown up kids and even though they are slightly anxious at times I see nothing unusual like they are suffering with anxiety but as you say the pace life moves at nowadays plus the pressure I think affects most people to a certain degree

Look forward to reading what others think , like I say we will all have different views but interesting to see how many are the only one's in a family to suffer or even if it has skipped a few generations if there is someone down the family tree that suffered

Take Care x

I do think anxiety can be hereditary. Knowing what I know about my own anxieties and coping mechanisms I can see my mum deals with life exactly the same way. But I also agree that today's world is so much more dangerous and we have so much more to worry about - it's no wonder so many youngsters are on this site terrified because they can't cope with life.

Hi rettalee55, I'm sure heredity can play a part in anxiety, but more than that it can be a learned behavior as to how the children were brought up to perceive life. I was brought up by loving, overprotective parents who always told me to be careful, don't trust what people say, you can't believe this or that, conduct yourself properly people are watching you and I want to be proud of you. Parents mean well but it may be a foundation for anxiety later on. No one in my family had anxiety or depression,

just me.

Learned behavior? I'm not so sure. Both of my girls take on more in life than I ever did, and would not do if it were me today. Growing up I supported them in whatever endeavor they wanted to tackle, but would not do their work for them (such as school work), nor did I push them to do what they did not want to do that was out of the norm.

By learned behavior, I meant growing up with a parent (especially a mother) who suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia is what a young child perceives as being normal. I see it in my 26y.o. daughter who doesn't get out, has her groceries delivered, gets extremely anxious with upcoming events and doesn't like having anyone over. It's not hereditary because I adopted her at a young age. She lived with seeing me go in and out of anxiety and the last 6 years agoraphobic as well. I see a connection here with how she perceives normal. She has gotten all the love and support from me but the one thing I couldn't hide were my fears.

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