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so my memory seems really bad for example conversations and events that happened yesterday seem like they happened a few days ago also familiar places seem foreign to me especially during the night when it's dark and if I walk somewhere I've never been before I have no recollection of the route I took to get there hindering me to seem lost, would you say this sounds like derealisation disorder?

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Hey. Yeah I get that all the time but the more u think about it the worse it gets. I can be laying in bed watching videos then all of a sudden I feel confused like I don't know where I am. I do it when I drive as well feel spaced out like I'm going to crash


that's somewhat reassuring but this happens everytime i'm at work (I work as a youth worker - detatched) so I work on the streets and in different ares in my city, can smoking cigarettes have an impact on this aswell?


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