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Is anxiety doing this??


I have had health anxiety for a few years but its out of control at min. I feel half the person i used to be. I know why its gone out of control because my partner passed away. But how do i take hold. I am getting sharp pains dwn my neck on and off i feel dizzy my glands are swollen but i think thats cuz i had a cold few weeks bk might have picked up an infection. I jst dnt no anymore i can never get into the doctors they must think oh shes here again. I am scared to go on meds cuz of the side effects i still need to function as i am a mother. I have lost all my confidence jst seem to take myself off and cry i feel a wreck. I started cbt last week it was more jst a getting to no u meeting i cnt make tmows appoint due to child care. I feel i am going crazy.

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No ... You have not gone crazy ... Far from it . You are dealing with grief , children and anxiety my goodness that is enough to send a nun into a spin!!! What you are experiencing are signs of mega stress and basically your body is kicking out , telling you to slow down and look after yourself, it's all normal, ( whatever normal is) that your experiencing . Keep going to your GP that's what they are there for and please do try therapy . Meds could also help but they do take time . All the best x

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your partner. Suffering from anxiety and losing someone significant in your life can be devastating. I too am afraid to go on meds because of the fear of side effects. I also understand that as a mother you cannot afford to be walking around in a fog or sleeping most of the time. I have been crying all day, part of my anxiety. I have no reason to be crying, I woke up scared and it won't go away. It's too bad that you will have to miss your CBT tomorrow. It takes time for it to work. It's an ongoing process. I'm sorry you are suffering so much both

physically and emotionally right now. I wish you peace and calm. Take care. Feel better soon. x

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