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Freezing when swallowing

So about 4 yrs ago I had a incident where I got a piece of chicken stuck in my throat

. I wasn't choking, but I could feel it was there. I tried eating other stuff to get it down, but I just still felt something there even after drinking soda to try and wash it down. Well after that, I had issues eating, I could only eat soft foods bexcuse I felt like I was going to get food particles stuck in my throat. Well my mom helped me through it, told me food is my friend n it's all In my head. After a yr I was eating normal n was able to go to restaurants with friends n could eat anything I wanted. Well the other night, about 2 months ago, I was eating spaghettios, n I was lIle inhaling them because I was so hungry, n some started to go down my throat with out me swallowing. I didn't choke, I had coughed that back up but scared the crap out of me. Ever since then, I've had this issue with swallowing. It's like I eat, go to swallow, but my throat is like "wait!!! I'm not ready !" N I freeze. I chew a Lil more n can get it to go down. I'm fine when I wake up n eat I think because I myself n my muscles are relaxed . But after being up during the day I can't seem to eat easily. I tried been relaxed but, it still doesn't help. I know I'm obsessing over it, n it's mental, but it's starting to get worse because now I'm starting to think of it as I'm drinking whatever n sometimes I freeze n gag a little. I just want to be able to eat again with out worrying if my swallowing muscles are gping to work right. This is no way to live. It's so depressing. Thinking about seeing a therapist for this. Any suggestions?

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I am the same. Used to only eat soups n pastas. ... even now I still get it. But I just try not think too much....hate going out to eat tho. ...panic x


Anxiety of eating can be bothersome. Even though it truly is all in your mind, anxiety can also be caused by a chemical imbalance. Which needs to be treated with medicatiob. In my opinion the best medication for anxiety is a benzodiaspam a prn Your doctor can help you chose which one is right for you. This type of medication is healthier, and has less side effects than the antidepressants doctors try to throw down your throat. You're not depressed don't take new age depression medication to treat your anxiety. Remember it's your body, you have a right to choose which medication to take. You're insurance pays the doctor, you're the boss not the other way around. If you feel bullied by your doctor, find another one. You deserve to feel comfortable and respected.

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Yup...great idea: please do see a therapist... I feel certain he/she will be able to help you with this... do this because you care about yourself... (and I know you do! ;) ) Everybody has their times when they choke on their food (even saliva) so please don't feel like The Long Ranger, ok?? ok! :) And for ALL KINDS of reasons: laughing, talking, coughing, taking too big of bites, and just plain not paying attention... We all do this... I have to be careful what I 'think' before I swallow pills...I can make it VERY difficult for myself when I start worrying about it.

Take care.


Going through the same at the moment.

After three months of trying to get myself right on my own I gave in and went to the doctor who's put me on Citalopram 10mg.

Only been on them 4.5 weeks so I'm not sure if there's much of an improvement yet.

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