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Worried about heart failure/fluid in lungs

I've been having scary symptoms that make me think that it's not anxiety anymore. I've had shortness of breath(at rest,or after eating alot),arm weakness,suicidal thoughts,arm pain,jaw pain,severe anxiety attacks,and the sense of impending doom. I told my mom,but she said it was just hormones,the fact that I'm still growing,or because I'm overweight. She keeps reassuring me that I'm healthy. I wish. Even though I got an EKG in July,and a physical in December,I still don't feel right. I have gone to therapy, but nothing seems to be helping. I took a short psychological test,but that's it. I have to wait for any other sort of evaluation. I honestly feel like I'm dying on the inside and that no one has been listening to me. I also felt an odd,cold and wet sensation go down the back of my neck and head. The feeling is still there,but it's in my mouth(?) I told my mom,and she said it may be a sinus infection,but I'm not sure. Not to mention,when I lied down to sleep,I could barely breath. I felt much better when I sat up. This worried me,since I felt the cold feeling all over the place. I'm terrified of what may happen to me in the future.

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Hi, listen to your mum and if you've been checked out by. DR I'm sure that what you just described is anxiety , in its worse form. You will be amazed at the symptoms it throws up! Check out anxiety websites it gives you long lists of symptoms, some you may of experienced other not. I was so bad at one time I printed it off so I had it with me and I could tell myself it's anxiety!! And yes breathlessness can be one , try not to focus on anyone thing , try and distract yourself if you can! Best wishes.


I have these things too, had loads of tests including for sinus issues, all came back clear. I think for me stress/anxiety acts almost like an allergic reaction - I constantly have fluid running down the back of my nose and throat, much worse at night and yes, I sleep sitting up which improves it.

I'm overweight and all the weight is around my middle which gives me stomach issues and heavy chest issues - if I stretch upwards or support my bust, the discomfort vanishes. This tells me it is not lung or heart, just extra weight compressing my stomach when I'm trying to digest.

My doc says to get some exercise, do relaxation things and avoid stress at work. I've cut out caffeine which helps a lot. I'm also on some meds which I'm not sure are helping but I'm trying anything!

If you are so worried about your health that it's affecting your life, I would go back and see the doc and explain that. You seem young, so getting support from your mum is important too - she does sound understanding which is great.

And don't forget to come on here if you need to let off steam - we have all been there and earned the T shirt, so will try to reassure. Anxiety is the worst but we are all here to help.



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