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can't communicate


I literally have no confidence right now. I'm always going over back and forth whether or not I should say or write anything and its driving me crazy. I could never talk to people comfortably because of my social anxiety but I always had confidence in my writing, but now that seems alien to me. I never have anything to say or write and I feel so insecure

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Hi there,This is what Im going through just now worse than ever.Ive such low self esteem that I worry about every conversation I have .So dont think you are on your own just keep talking to us ,at least is some form of release.Take care

I think you communicated very well just now. I'm sure you have a lot of interesting things to say. Don't forget, others don't know you. Whether in person or writing you can be whoever you want to be if you "play act". I was taught this years ago after being offered a job as front desk receptionist of a big management center. I told my boss to be that there was no way I could be the center of attraction because I was shy and introverted. He allowed me to sit in on a few seminars that stressed on how to overcome this. The idea was before entering a room of people, you would take a few deep breaths and tell yourself "I am an interesting, positive person". I would pretend

I was acting. Oh sure it took a while and then one day, it no longer was an acting job.

I had become this personable outgoing friendly person that had people cling to my every word. It was amazing. It opened doors for me that I never knew existed.

From there I went to writing. All these emotions that were pent up in me over the years exploded into knowledge that I had learned with life's experiences as I grew older. Sometimes I wonder if I ever would have become this outgoing person had it not been for my trying something new. I now walk into a store and people tend to not only remember me but open up to me. It's like they sense this caring person inside me. I would love to read more about you through your posts. All the positive things

and learning experiences in your life. We are all special in our own way. xx

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