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Focused on breathing

Hello everyone. I have been dealing with this issue I'm going to post about for the past couple years or so. I'll be feeling fine and suddenly I'll become hypervigilant about the way I'm breathing. I will start feeling like I'm not breathing efficiently and then my chest wall hurts. I have somaticsymptom disorder which is when a person gets distressed over certain pain. They start feeling even more intense pain and start obsessing over the symptom. I have felt like I'm near fainting so many times. I do not get dizzy, but my head feels heavy and I put myself in a panic. I have been managing it a lot better than even 6 months ago but it just started hitting me like 45 minutes ago. I will obsess for hours at a time. My oxygen levels are always 97 to 99 (on my own pulse oximeter) and whenever I have been in the hospital it's always 99 or 100. I went to the hospital one time thinking my lungs were going to collapse and my oxygen levels were at 99 -100. My pulse was 72. It was all in my head. The only thing the doctor told me was some inflammation in my bronchii. I have costochondritis which gets better with stretching and also asthma. I have never had severe complications with my asthma. I don't understand why my mind likes to trick my body into thinking I'm dying at a young age

I've had multiple ekgs and xrays. I've never fainted or had anything seriously wrong with me.. ahhh any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. God bless all of you :)

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This sounded like the kind of thing I would write, sounds so similar to me.i obsess over any ache or pain, constantly thinking about my chest and breathing. I also have asthma. I prod and poke my body all the time.ive fainted once about 13 years ago when I broke my arm but that's it.im constantly worried, do you get any support from friends/family? Any therapy?

Do you still manage to get out etc, try to do relaxing things, even if it's just a nice warm bath, deep breathing, I've just downloaded an app called headspace,

Hope your ok x

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early morning breathing exercise is more helpful to you ...eat more flex seeds, fish and intake more vegetables. Try to avoid more oily foods..

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