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Been on new meds for a week and I feel SEDATED

I feel like I'm at the dentist and they gave me laughing gas. I'm on Prozac 40mg and Iminaprine 50mg. I know it takes a while for the meds to really start working right but I'm really anxious because I am so so out of it and my face and ears keep going hot and numb. I also can't walk in a straight line. Should I be going to the hospital?

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How are you feeling now ?

Sounds like strong stuff you are taking there which may not affect some but for others we can feel it more but as we adjust to them these feelings of been sedated do lessen most of the time

However if you are finding this combination of medication is to strong for you then have a word with the Doctor they may change or reduced the dosage for you :-)

Take Care x

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