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Panic attacks

I'm going to describe how my panic attacks go see if anyone has similar or completely different. So first the build up is shortness of breath, lightheadedness, sweating and random little pains. This is what sets my mind off, I'll try to chill out in many cases now I can just chill and stop it but in the big panic attacks I have I find it hard so all of a sudden I'll get a strange shock run up my body this is what sets off my huge panic attacks cos I have no idea what it is. My heart starts pounding, I feel sick and sometimes do vomit, shaking, sweating, chills and dizziness which makes me feel like I'm going to faint! But I've noticed it's always the shock feeling that makes me think something is terribly wrong and this is what sets all the worse symptoms off! I did have a big one today unfortunately but I didn't panic as much as I used too because I knew what it was so I'm improving, I also used to have them at least twice a week, this is the first I've had in almost 3 weeks.

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Lauren222,you have managed all by yourself, to have some control over your panic attacks. When we read about panic attacks in these self-help books, they always say how once you are able to get some control over your mind and the attack's, that this is just the beginning of you regaining your life back,so a big,big WELL DONE to you. Baby steps admittedly, but keep up the hard work and you're on the right track. I'm so eased for you. Do let us know how you get on over the next few days.


Good Job it's a start.

Wishing you well Lauren!

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