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Bad health anxiety

Was wondering if anyone else had these sort of symptoms, I've been getting leg and arm pain, dizzy/light headed, indigestion which gives me chest pain and also makes me think I'm having a heart attack, stomach pains and just general muscle aches all over. I've been to the hospital 5 times in a month and told I'm completely fine after having several blood and heart tests but every time I get a pain I think I'm suddenly going to die, or that I have something life threatening.

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Sorry this is happening. I've had similar symptoms. Dr. ruled out all physiological problems after lots of tests and a couple months of time. It's amazing all the symptoms that stress can cause on the body and mind. This book has helped my sister who also had these symptoms like I had. I'm using it now and it's good bc it explains why your body is reacting to the anxiety and ways to overcome and take control of the feeling and prevent it. It's called "An End to Panic breakthrough techniques for overcoming panic disorder" by elke zuercher-white, ph. D

These techniques used w light exercise to release endorphins and stress relief like massage may help. But it def helps to know Dr gives you a clean bill of health to begin with. Best wishes for feeling better!


Thanks I'll check it out! I've been to my doctor too and he also said I'm fine and another put it down to anxiety. I just never realised how many physical symptoms you can get from anxiety.


Hi Lauren,yes I do, I got them and many more symptoms, I constantly think I've got something wrong with me, everyday, one day it will be my chest that I think there's something wrong with, the next it's my head, today it's my throat and mouth 😩 It drives me crazy 😢

Hope your ok x


I've had severe heath anxiety and GAD for the past year resulting in finally me being almost unable to swallow food and it being very painful as my throat and chest muscles cramp as I swallow.

Also indigestion, churning stomach, jaw cramps - you name it.

I saw the doctor on Wednesday and after an examination and speaking to me at length he said it was undoubtedly all anxiety related.

I'm now on a mild tranquillizer and even though the swallowing is still difficult I feel so much better in my mind having been checked over.

You've been checked over five times so it's almost impossible that something of significance has been missed.

Anxiety does very strange things not only to our minds but our bodies too.

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