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Little calmer now

So earlier I thought I had a brain tumour cause I took a photo on my phone and the right side of my head looked really swollen I freaked out that much I cut the hair of side of my head to see if it was that and I think it was but now it doesn't look swollen it does stick out abit more than other does your head have to be completely semetrical? but I think it's always bin like that on my head plus a brain tumour wouldn't lose swelling that quick would it all of a sudden would it or abscess or anything really worried me I do feel ill now tho tired and feel abit sick with a little minor headache but it's not bothering me that much, is all this anxiety to?:( I did have a panic attack but I calmed my breathing so it didn't get to bad, still abit worried:/ why do I keep thinking or got a brain tumour it just won't stop:/ always something making me think it:/

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You keep thinking you have a brain tumor because your Health Anxiety is focusing on that as it is a fear you have which is creating your anxiety , we often find with Health Anxiety we focus on one Health fear and then can move on to another and another it is a cycle and how it keeps hold of us but with the right support and slowly changing the way we think it does get better

I am pleased in some ways though you have been feeling a lot better that is a good sign :-) I wish there was a quick fix for anxiety but it is a slow process but little steps and you will get there

Hope you are feeling a lot better today :-)

Take Care x


Dear mrworry, no your head does not have to be symmetrical. That's why some people look better than others when they shave their head. Brain tumor usually presents with different kind of symptoms than you are having. We sometimes, due to anxiety, get fixated on a particular part of our body. Your fixation happens to be a brain tumor. I can just about bet you that once you get that notion out of your mind, whether by tests or not worrying about it anymore, the anxiety bully will pick yet another area of your body to focus on. Good for you on controlling your breathing to calm your panic away. Wishing you well.

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Glad to hear that. Try to enjoy your evening. Most of all continue

that deep breathing.


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