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Would appreciate any tips to calm me down in time for Monday!

Hello everyone. Had a tough time especially at work over the last 18 months, brought to a head before Christmas. I was 'keeping a lid on things' up to that point, but then just flipped. I feel sicker than I've ever felt in my life, light headed, racing thoughts, feelings of impending doom, of losing control, a tight throat (i'm gagging with it). All the usual things really. I'm on omeprazole (last 3 days), 2 stemetil per day started yesterday and 40mg propralanol for the last couple of weeks. Neither nausea med seems to be helping and I'm not sure about the beta blockers. I feel truly awful. I know there are no quick fixes here, but I'll try anything. I've even started using a mindfulness app, which isn't like me. I hope you can help. X

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Unfortunately there is not a switch that we can turn off the bad symptoms that are bothering you right now. After reading your post, I am thinking that like most people you were off work for the last 4 days and going back on Monday is building up your anxiety. Especially because you said that everything was brought to a head before Christmas. You can't control what will happen at work tomorrow but you can control how you react to that stress. Try quiet meditation, closing your eyes and counting backwards slowly from 10 to 1. Picture yourself on an elevator going down floor by floor. With each floor, take a full inhalation and blow it out slowly. If it does anything, it will quiet your mind down. Then I would suggest a good therapist to help you through work related stress. Good Luck.


Hi Agora - I read your reply on Monday morning, and apart from good sensible advice, it was nice to know that I wasn't alone. Really tough week but I'm still here. Started on Zoloft last night, just hoping against hope that it works well and soon! Thank you again for replying. X


Good for you in making through. I hope the Zoloft helps you. One day at a time is about all we can handle. Take care.


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