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Anxiety increases risk of dementia by 48 percent

A new study has found that having anxiety increases the risk of dementia by 48 percent. The study examined 28 years of data from the Swedish Adoption Twin Study of Aging. IT involved 1,082 participants who completed tests every three years and answered questionnaires and who were screened for dementia.

Previous research explored the link between dementia and psychological disorders like depression but there has never been an anxiety-dementia link determined.

Study lead author, Andrew Petkus, said, “Anxiety, especially in older adults, has been relatively understudied compared to depression. Depression seems more evident in adulthood, but it’s usually episodic. Anxiety, though, tends to be a chronic lifelong problem, and that’s why people tend to write off anxiety as part of someone’s personality.”

Levels of anxiety were self-reported and not clinically diagnosed but researchers found that the twin who reported more years of anxiety had a greater chance of developing dementia. Petkus added, “Those in the high anxiety group were about 1.5 times more likely to develop dementia.”

Here is the article source: belmarrahealth.com/anxiety-...

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They are always doing surveys on one thing and another and coming up with some more bright ideas they are best ignored otherwise people already suffering with anxiety by taking these on board could make their anxiety worse !

I have known so many people that have suffered with dementia as well as watching documentaries on it and I have yet to come across any one I have known including my own Nana who had it as well as the programs I have watched saying that any of these people were suffering with anxiety prior to getting this condition so I will stay with those facts and by pass the link you put in your post

Take Care x


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