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Hi guys I haven't posted in a while thought i was on the path too recovery but recently my fear of just going crazy has come back I can't stop thinking about things like Phycosis and schizophrenia and looking on google and freaking my self up. I'm also just really fed up with this and it feels as if it's never gonna go away now anyone got any advice?


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  • Have you spoken to a psychiatrist as a referral from your GP? If you are suffering from psychotic episodes, schizophrenia induced, then you certainly would be acutely aware of it. You would be detached from what other people call 'reality' and in a world of your own. Your actions and reactions would be inappropriate to other people. You certainly would be sectioned under the mental health act should your GP and psychiatrist think it appropriate. All of these things I have personal experience of. Google searches for self-diagnosis is not a very​ sensible thing to do. People can read into the results of such searches symptoms of almost any health conditions that exist. I wish you well.


  • Wow I am fairly new to the site but after looking through all of your posts I feel like I am the same exact way, like I wrote all of that stuff LOL. All of your posts sound like my life dealing with anxoety, derealization, everything. It feels like nothing is getting better, I am also always on the Internet trying to figure out what is wrong with me but I always end up diagnosing myself with some crazy disorder Haha. I'm so glad I found someone that feels the same way and that I'm not alone because no joke everything in your posts are exactly how I feel

  • Hi. The first thing is - dont look on google for answers :-). You will not find them - all you get there is confusion and/or panic. A doctor has to diagnose psychosis or schizophrenia based on evidence. I spent about 10 years working as mental health social worker when i was younger and was involved in sectioning people. Not one of them knew they were psychotic or schizophrenic. The thing about anxiety is that it will pick on the things we fear most or the conditions we have had some experience of. In my case, for example, it was fear of another heart attack. But I had already had two, so there was some basis for my anxiety. Anxiety has a root cause and triggers, and that is what has to be dealt with - not just the symptoms. Perhaps you need to speak with your doctor if you feel that your sanity is under attack. I wish you well.

  • I too feel like I could have written all these posts. I don't take any medications . I'm doing it through nutrition, rest, taking time out during an attack to go with the flow of it instead of fighting it, because that makes me feel worse.

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