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I've been dizzy for three days straight D:

I can't stop this dizziness and it's really uncomfortable. Eating makes me nauseous and it's hard to fall asleep. I wake up dizzy and am dizzy for the rest of the day. It's making my anxiety a lot worse. I think it might be from my medication but I can't get in to see the psychiatrist until the 16th. :c How do I deal with this?

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I'm feeling like this right now. Started with it last night and today it's not subsided 😣. Wish there was something that would shift it.


Hi. I do have the same problem as you. Mine is constant head pressure and 24/7 Dizziness. It feels better in bed and dark places. I wish that we will get better soon and get our happy lives back. Just keep posting

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my mother gets vertigo and she has medication to stop the dizziness I suggest you ask your doctor for some..


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