Sorry I've been away :(

Hello to you all, sorry I was able to write recently, I had awful weekend, my tooth got infected and didn't sleep much over the weekend, been to dental hospital this morning but they couldn't treat as i didn't meet their criteria, although my face is swollen, end up taking appointment this afternoon at NHS clinic, man dentists are very expensive, I have to pay about £300 for a tooth :( and now on antibiotics, sooo painful but am lilo better now, I can't function properly at work and soooo dizzyy.

hope everyone is doing well :)

missing u all



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  • HI ROURI missed you the last few days hope you get better soon x

  • Hello you, i am currently at work with a very huge right cheek :)

    what have you been up to? is everything ok with you?? watching lose women?? :)

  • HI ROURI had a bad weekend kept having anxiety attack like one after the other felt really exhausted getting fed up of all of this and i think my family are losing patience with me x

  • :( milo you have to understand that anxiety will be part of who you are now, i know it sucks!!

    i feel shit as well and fed up cz of these horrible feelings but i wake up in the morning and do it all over again. before my women thing i get 2 weeks worth of horrible anxiety followed by all the pain. add to that anxiety gave me IBS problem. i am not fat but stress/anxiety makes me bloated, to the point that I was offered a seat on the train this morning thinking i am pregnant, you know sometimes I look at it from a different angle, like how many people are suffering from cancer and too many strange not curable diseases, comparing anxiety to that, I feel awful complaining while someone's mother or sister is in hospital.

    I know anxiety is horrible and weird, I am trying my best, not always i can manage and most of times i end up crying, but this is not good as it will stress me more but nothing can be done.

    to be anxiety free comes within you, no one can convince me now that this will be cured, it can be helped by therepay not more that.

    sit down with your partner and explain to him what is anxiety is all about, let him read about it to be able to understand what you are going through, although they will never understand because it doesn't make any sense for us sometimes, yet along someone who does not suffer from it.


  • HI ROURI ican not ignore the physical symptoms shaking dizzy nausea ect i could not go out looking like that plus my face loses all colour i know i look dreadful i really do try and remain positive but it comes every day x

  • :) yes i know, this is what is very weird, the main thing they teach is face the anxiety and don't give much importance as it is not major but at the same time like you said we cannot ignore the fact of shaking and dizzyness!!!

    it will get better by time, the only thing I can tell you when you upset yourself or stress it will make your anxiety worst, I know it is unavoidable feeling down cz of it, I do that all the time, sometimes I am so fed up that i start screaming and shouting and start crying, after that I calm down a bit and ask myself why did i upset myself more?

    you are 100% right, but try to find something that it can take off your mind from thinking about anxiety on a daily basis, when you feel shaky drink chamomile it will calm you down a bit and be careful about what you eat!!xx

  • Welcome back rouri :) hope you're feeling better today

  • thank you, bit better but this tooth ache is making me very edgy but will pass!! hope yu well!!

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