Just wanted to say hi. I'm 40 and suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for around 10 years. For me the dizziness is the worst symptom. I seem terrified of passing out, social situations etc though nothing bad has ever happened. I also have silent migraines that may or may not be related. Today has actually been a good day. I woke up deciding i would just accept any odd feelings, and just continue my normal day, work etc....and i felt fine. By accepting the sensations they seem to have lost their power....for today at least. Hugs to you all. I hope today has been good for you x


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  • Hi Shelly, hope you continue to feel better. All the best to you x

  • Thank you 😊I've been tested today but managed to ignore it and carry on. I want to feel like me again x

  • evening shelly i must say that trying to forget the feelings is the best way to control them but is very hard to learn it took me years to control and yes your right dizzyness is the worst thing ever i had to pack up work and didnt go out for months suffered deprestion worst time of my life thankfully they ve eased right of but occastionally it will come back with a vengence

  • Its so reassuring to speak to others that know what it's like. I've had couple of moments today where i felt the dizziness rising. I found myself calmly telling myself that i was ok, that I'd felt it before, that nothing had ever happened because of it and to just carry on...and it faded. It never feels far away but, for now, i feel I'm stronger than the panic...and that's a start 😊

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