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Do I need locking up

Hi I am unsure what to do I got told I have anxiety I have medication for it but lately I have felt scared all time and like something bad is going to happen or I'm going to do some thing bad but don't know what I feel like I'm going mad n I need to be locked up I have a husband n kids n and it's not fair on them at all I don't know what to do do I need to ring some one I don't want to end my lifeat all im just scared I'm going to do something stupid like that

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I do not think you need locking up and if you do maybe we all do :-/

But we don't we need understanding & help and as much as it can be hard for your family to cope with you been this way it is even harder for us that are suffering & if you were suffering from any other illness would you be giving yourself such a bad time I don't think you would and this is just the same as anything else we may be unfortunate to suffer from

Have you been back & spoken to your Doctor about how bad you are still feeling , if not I would that is what they are there for , it maybe your medication needs adjusting but it is certainly worth letting them no

Have you been referred for any counselling ? again if not this is something I would ask if I could be referred for

Remember if you are in the UK we have the Samaritans you can phone 24/7 call free on 116 123 they will always listen use if if you feel you need that support again that is what it is there for

You are not alone , everyone on here understands how you are feeling so you can always come & talk here when you feel the need to vent , we may not always have an answer but you know someone is listening , cares & understands :-)

Take Care x


Hi thanks for responding yh I have been put forwardfor nmore CBT n my meds have been upped n swapped last month or so I am waiting on an appointment for my GP I don't have anything else wrong with me apart from stress but hasnt every one I've felt my anxiety get worse since having a colostomy bout a month ago thankfully I just need another smear test in 6 months


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