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Chest pain help

Hi everyone,

I'm back! I just randomly started experiencing some scary physical symptoms:

-sharp chest pain in center of chest

-pain that radiates to sides of upper back

-chest tightness

-shortness of breath

-cold clammy hands



The pain worsens when I move or take a deep breath. I am really scared that it's something serious. What if I'm having a heart attack? What if I'm dying? I don't know if I'm just panicking and having anxiety or if its something real. I am only 17.

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Hi Tat122.

At 17, it is highly unlikely to be a heart attack and generally speaking, chest pain which worsens with breathing is unlikely to be heart pain... that said, you shouldn't hesitate to call your emergency services if you feel you are in any kind of danger... it is far better to get checked out and the paramedics and doctors would rather you be safe than sorry. Hope all works out ok... I'm sure it will.


I'm 18. I've struggled with anxiety for about 3 years now and it isn't fun . the main tines I get it is when I'm laying in bed , and I doze off for a minute , and I suddenly wake up with a falling sensation in my chest, and I get so scared because I think I'm having a heart attack, my chest hurts, my left arm has pain in it and I shake extremely bad, I have been to the er 3 times because I was afraid of my chest pain and they did an EKG and nothing was wrong each time.. They said I just had severe anxiety, and a lot of times, when people get anxiety they can have similar symptoms to a heart attack.


And another thing, don't worry yourself too much, if you think its absolutely not anxiety, then I'd go to the er just to be sure , but it sounds like just panic attacks to me . sometimes I don't have a panic attack bad enough for me to react like any other person does when they have one, I just start getting that fluttery feeling in my chest then the pain begins

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