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New to this forum - does anyone have any advice for daughter is 11 and is suffering from anxiety at school - school have said she is showing signs of asd but this has never been picked up before. She started secondary school in Sept and the first 3 weeks was fine. Since then I feel like we have lost our daughter - she is low, emotional, anxious and miserable. There is no bullying etc and the school has put it lots of things in place to help but I wonder if there is anything else we can do.

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She is still so young and I'm sure that she's not the only one that is having anxiety issues. Secondary is different from elementary school so she may be just feeling overwhelmed. Make sure she is eating healthy, (really helps), drinking lots of water, getting enough sleep and getting exercise. Is she involved in any activities she enjoys and looks forward to doing. Most importantly, talk to her and listen, even if she says things that may hurt. It's about her right now. Of course, she can't be disrespectful. Has she had complete physical to make sure all is well physically. Her body is going through changes. Also, have her invite friends over to keep her occupied. If she realizes, school is not her whole life, she may feel better about school. I hope she starts to feel better soon.


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