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Can anxiety make you feel angry?

I have really bad anxiety, multiple panic attacks each day and pretty much always anxious. Lately I've been experiencing bouts of pure rage. I feel SOO angry. I want to punch and hit and scream at something or someone and it comes on for no reason! When it happens I start to feel weak and shaky. Everything irritates me when I'm like this. Someone saying hello to me could make me go off. When it gets really bad I feel like I'm going to explode, and I can't calm down, I jsut have to wait it out. I hate this. I thought being scared was the worst but I think this rage might be even scarier.

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I feel the frustration and helplessness, and might turn those feelings outwards because I'm already so full of other emotions, it has no place to go but out.

As a means of distraction, I take two free weights, light, around 5lbs each and try to hold them over my head with my elbows bent. Then to engage my lower half I start to kick a ball against the wall. Having both upper and lower body focused on something helps me pull through and control the situation.

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