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GAD setbacks (anxiety)

I'm a 22 year old male and I've been suffering from GAD since last November (2014) with endless doctor and hospital trips and being made out to be a pest every time I visited my doctor to express how desperate I needed help for him to tell me I'm fine each time. I was suffering from every symptom I could possibly think off.. I felt extremely drunk (DP and DR) with a bunch of nerves/body sensations. I visited the priory hospital late March (2015) and gradually built up my dose of medication and got a good knowledge of severe anxiety and the affects it has, which has helped me drastically so I could start to slowly build up my confidence. I have had little setbacks which tend to last around a week where some symptoms krept up, but since Monday I've been experiencing the worst setback to date where my body won't function and all symptoms have flared up, which sends me into all negative thoughts and 'I'm back to square one' I saw my DR yesterday who said setbacks are a normal step towards recovery but as I'm sure some of you know when you experience a setback it's hard to see a way out! This is my first time I've posted on any forum, it would be comforting to hear if anyone on here has experienced big setbacks on the road to recovery and any tips they might have? thanks :)

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Hi there yes I have suffered from set backs a long the way but if you keep up with all your techniques and the things that have helped before and maybe trying something new, you will get out of it. I am in a set back at the moment it is not as severe as some of the others I've had but still a nuisance. What I have noticed with my very slow recovery is that I seem to have a longer period of good days and that for me is improvement as for 10 months straight I had not one good day. I do hope we can all get out of this eventually :))

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Thanks for the reply! I understand setbacks are inevitable but as I'm sure you know once you're in one you feel as if your hard work has been undone. I just woke up one morning and it was like a switch, not necessarily panicky but every symptom flared up! I'm glad you're doing well on your recovery :)


Yes it is just like a switch and can be very discouraging it's also hard in the moment to be positive that's why it is good to come on here to get some support and encouragement :)


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