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Cherishing the good days

Hi all. I have not posted here for some time.

It has been about a month since my last anxiety attack. Things have been well but I'm constantly worried about my anxiety returning. But, I'm glad that this forum will always here and everyone here is so supportive.

I would like to just say thanks to those who gave words of encouragement and helpful suggestions when I was down.

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Please can i ask how you have overcome your anxiety. Some positive words could really help me right now x


I get a lot of support from my mum and aunts. They kept telling me that the worst will be over soon and listened to my fears. Talking to someone and crying it out helps. If you have physical symptoms, take meds that help make them better. My anxiety usually last about a week each time with really bad stomach upset and nausea. I eat bland till I get better. My anxiety is always caused by nausea initially and the anxiety makes my nausea worse, becoming a vicious cycle.

Things always look dark when we are having anxiety. Think of your meds and people you love and care about as little lights in your life. They will eventually give you days where you can enjoy.


U can only b ur self ul hav gud days and bad days it's ur own self that is ur worst enemy Believe in yourself we r all stronger than we think


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