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Ended up getting health anxiety please helppp

I no well I am sure I have pulled a muscle which has swelled its on my right side at the lower of my ribs at the back if feels like a hard ball and I just keep thinking isit my lover or kidneys but that would be realy hurting right? I do lift heavy stuf at work so I am sure this is why it's hurting abit when I touch it also it's been here for nearly 2 weeks

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Hello John

I think I have realized you have Health Anxiety and I know where you are coming from , many moons ago I had started getting Health Anxiety when I was even younger than you and it is awful when you think every pain , lump , twinge is something serious you feel like you are going mad

People would say to me why do you think something bad will always happen to you , I never really had an answer I just felt it would but you know I wasted so much time and my younger years worrying about been ill and none of them came true , if only I had had a crystal ball back then and knew all this and I do not think anything is going to happen to you either but I think if you don't get some support you could be loosing out on these years you should be care free and enjoying life and I so wish somehow you would juggle work with getting some counselling because it really does help you to change the negative thoughts , to see where they started etc

Your eyes don't seem to be causing you to many problems at the moment but that is what Health Anxiety is like we focus on one thing and if something else bothers us the other thing we were convinced we had seems to disappear even if temporary !

It very much sounds like you have pulled a muscle and not your liver or kidneys or you would have other symptoms to ( don't look on Google what they would be or you will have them by tomorrow :-/ ) If you are lifting all day you will be aggravating it

I do not think it is anything to worry about but maybe let your Doctor have a look because if you have pulled something they may suggest that you have a couple of days even though I know that would not be ideal but if needs must you would have to

Take Care x


Thanks so much bounce for the reply ye eyes have been bad some days learnt to deal with them had eye test by specialist today said realy healthy also it's both sides of me back isit because I am twisting when lofting ? Can't wait till it goes if it does then I can say whey what was all the fuss eh?


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