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Anxiety and numbness

Hi I have not been on for a while but lost my grandmother and also found out I'm having a baby I was really sick in the first trimester but lately it my anxiety a d numbness taking g over I usually take nurobine forge which is a good natural dose of b12 but now I'm pregnant I was wondering if any one can tell me any natural remedies I can try I'm in my second trimester thanks I think the anxiety started back because I was just anxious about all the new changes I'll have to make but I'm really really happy I'm pregnant tho

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I was very anxious in the first four months of my pregnancy it was terrible , kept thinking something bad was going to happen the baby or me . but after the fourth month it went I started to relax and enjoy it :-) doctor said our hormones are all over the place at first , so try not worry to much :-) congratulations x

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Thanks but now imhaving heart palpitations what should I do


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