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Anxiety & imtimacy (18+ topic)


I wanted to put another topic on here where we can share thoughts , vent on our issues (obviously no judging here 😊 :) ) , &/or give advice to us who want it. I like intimacy ,& ever since the anxiety , it's been rough. Dating has been a challenge. I wonder if any guy will flee, at the mere thought of me having this anxiety. Everyone knows we're like little , anxious chihuahuas 24/7 , unless we know how to relax . I've tried almost every relaxation technique. I have yet to find one that works. Anyways, when it comes down to the "love making", I get anxious & sometimes go to sleep , pretend to be sleep, or make up some excuse. Currently, I am dating. I haven't gotten to that next level with him. I want to get to know him first. I love how patient we both are, regarding this subject. Also, I'm insecure that I won't do my part well, or be able to fully enjoy that love making with him. I haven't told him yet, I don't know if I should. We're pretty fresh ..with this whole dating thing . It's been a couple months thus far..I haven't even met the parents yet lol. To get back on topic, anyone else have any advice on how to get over the insecurities, the anxiety, & how to relax & enjoy being intimate with your partner? Any links to articles or videos , with skilled people &/or gurus , that share helpful tips on this? Is there any herbs , foods, &/or natural remedies that we could benefit from?

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You have done a very similar post to this already and had quiet a few good replies , maybe you are over thinking this to much as you feel the need to post similar again and should just let things happen when & if naturally x


Oh I totally forgot then lol. Thanks for the reminder.


That's a great post

Will be very interested on people's thoughts on this as I struggle with anxiety and relationships



Well an orgasm is great way to forget about anxiety and a great stress reliever. Dont think about it. Jump into it. Try four play.


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