I'm sorry I don't know what to say. Hi. Umm let's see I have a bilateral hearing loss. I talk very fast and due to a lisp (very minor now) and I am impossible to understand. I have a part time job in retail. I hate talking on the phone at work. Eye contact helps reduce errors when communicating. I recently was diagnosed with itp (I joined this site because of this diagnosis). I am attending a college and ironically my major is psychology. My minor is English. I had a rough childhood. I know its not an excuse but its true. I've been in outpatient care with a mental institution for the past 7-8 years. I'm feeling anxious posting this on here. I feel like an asshole because I can't understand my doctor (he has a thick accent and talks quietly).


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  • Hi there Miss Amanda! Good for you for coming on this site. I feel a little bit the same as I would hate for anyone to think bad of any comments I make. I just want to help.

    You sound a very educated person but sadly your disability is totally knocking your confidence and self esteem. Maybe you talk fast because of this too? I feel really upset that you think yourself to be an asshole because you can't understand your doctor. If I were in the same situation I would be feeling cross at the doctor for not explaining clearly and loudly what the situation is and would have to insist that he either spoke much louder or wrote it down for me. Abrupt I know so maybe you may want to have a more softer approach. Could you write a little note to give to him at the start of the meeting, e.g., "Dear Doctor, I have bilateral hearing loss and so it is VERY important that you speak slowly, loudly, directly so I can see you and very clearly in order for me to understand what you are saying. This meeting is very important to me as I'm sure you can understand. I may need you to write things down if I do not hear correctly. Thank you for your understanding in this matter." Do you have a trustworthy friend to take with you who could take notes for you? I hope my comments help. Best wishes Karen x

  • Hi Ms Amanda... I wish you good luck with everything and just want to add that what Karen said is SOOOOOO right on.... You DO have the right to have someone be with you (yes, right in the dr's office!) when you have your visits... I often have had either my daughter or granddaughter be with me... and sometimes THEY remember things when I forget...because your mind is usually not the most calm when visiting with your dr... Keep in touch!

  • Normally I have someone with me but my mom recently totaled her car and I can take a bus to my dr's appointment. It's difficult arranging a ride because everyone I know that drives is working. I'm hoping I can get a ride for my next appointment so I can have someone come in with me

  • Trust me, I know what that 'getting a ride' business is like!! I use a bus sorta as a last resort...but glad they are at least available!! :)

  • I could have swore I told the dr. I usually make sure doctors know. I will write a note if I can't get someone to go with me. Thank you for your advice

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