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Anyone find it weird what anxiety can do andy are you feel like and also mind set

I find it hard to always believe it's anxiety the tension and the weird feeling of everything going out your body and the mind set wer I just find there something ring and start fidgeting like a nervous restlessness can anyone post how they feel and the physical and sycolodgical thoughts please it's ruining my life

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I totally get what your going through. My body just feels weird all day, something always Hurts and there's tension in my head and neck even when I think I'm calm. I over thing most things and get super tired. Always feel like each day will be my last. Try to remember God's plan for you and that even the worst days are a blessing. Anxiety can be really tricky but the more you try to push through it the more progress you'll see

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I understand completely. Since this all started for me my mind has been consumed with how I feel I am rarely distracted with other thoughts even when talking to other people, on the odd occasion when I catch myself in other thoughts I feel happy but very quickly I go back to how I'm feeling.

This is a very good article about looking inward rather then outwards have a look through this site it is quite a good anxiety depression blog


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