A bit about myself :)

Hi there i am new to this group , its really good to have some where to talk to people goin through the same as myself , i havnt been to good this past few years , have had cancer twice my marrige broke up after 35 years and i lost my sister 2months ago , so am really finding life a bit of a struggle at the minute , started anti dpression tablets this week so hope i start to feel better soon . X


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  • Sorry To Hear This & Hope You Start To Feel Better.

  • Weeann, so so sorry to hear your awful time you've had, but it's gone now and you got through it (that shows your strength ) good on you !!! Like me it's going to take time and a lot of staying Power to get through but your a strong lady you've proved that, and this site definitely helps, stay strong speak again soon x

  • You've been through so much, admire you and your strength, you've been strong before you can do it now. You will feel better your on the right path take care and wish you well Mandy xxxx😉

  • Thank you so much mandy im just taking one day at a time , thank you so much for your lovely words xx

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