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Feel like I'm going crazy!!

Hi. I visited the docs about 6 weeks ago as I was getting constant palpatations & my heartbeat was really fast. I had an ECG & blood test, both came back fine & I was told it was anxiety. I've always been someone that worries over the smallest things but its never affected me medically before. I'm on Verapamil to lower my heart rate, but I'm still really worried something bad is going to happen to me. I get pains in my arms, hip area and chest that come and go. My neck and jaw often ache and my chest feels really weak generally. I don't have a shortness of breath as such, but am more tired than normal doing general chores, walking about etc. Does anyone else feel like this with anxiety? The chest weakness is what's bothering me most at the mo & I've developed a tickly cough recently too. All symptoms I have minic those of a heart attack/heart disease & as much as I try & convince myself its only anxiety, I keep wondering if it is, why do I feel so bad & could the docs have missed something. I'm only 35 & previously in good health so why do I fee so bad now? Can anxiety really do all this to me? Would an ECG have picked up all types of heart problems - impending heart attack etc? Feel like I'm going crazy!!!!!!

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Anxiety will do that to you. I suffered badly a few years ago... same deal as you, thought I had some terrible heart disease... I had two ECGs and wore a heart halter, numerous blood tests...was all anxiety.

Anxiety does terrible things to your mind, you need to learn to relax, trust me, easier said that done..... but it can be done. Do you have good family support?? I have a wonderful family who helped me through bouts of anxiety.

Hope this helps a little

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I'm experiencing the exact same things. I know very well how you're feeling. I do feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack because of the sharp chest pains and constant fast heart palpitations. I haven't seen a doc yet but from what I gathered, every one's results come back fine and everyone's told what they're living is caused by anxiety. I'll go to a cardiologist just to find relief but I know my results gonna come back fine and I'll be told it's because anxiety.

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I was diagnosed at 30 with MVP. I had a lot of palpitations, skipped beats, anxiety and short of breath. I went to three Cardio docs before one found it. They did a stress test w IV and it showed. He put me on meds and it helped. I still get palps occasionally

And when stressed which is often I feel them, but I learned to not get so freaked out after finding out what is was. I would get a second opinion since you seem to have many symptoms.


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