I have Imbalance and Anxiety, my body moves and sways, even when I am sitting down

When I walk I don't feel comfortable. Have taken Cetirizine 10mg , and Zanax, but I am

still suffering. Had my eyes checked, they are okay, had mri brain scan, everything okay

went to Ear Dr, no ear problems.

Is there anyone that can help me, or have same health problem.

Thanks Neil.


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  • Hey Neil. I'm not sure if I had the same as you, but I certainly felt very unbalanced for a good couple of years. It was like I was moving but knew my body was still, sometimes I would move then it was like a couple of seconds later I would move again, almost like I was catching up with myself. I would also get intense swimmy feelings for a few seconds whilst standing or sitting. I was checked out by Ear Doctor and some of my problems were due to shallow breathing. I think if we suffer from anxiety we naturally start to breath quicker and more shallow, hence it can affect the oxygen levels and make us feel funny.

    I started to feel better when I exercised more. Building up my core strength worked wonders as that is part of your balance system. Do you exercise?

  • Hello and thanks for your reply.

    Yes, it seems like we both have similar symptoms, body swaying, unusual body movements, like being on a ship, during some bad weather, and yet

    I am sitting down watching the TV! Those symptoms bring on my Anxiety.

    When I get up in morning I am fine for a few hours, then the swaying and movements start.Went to Ear Dr, he said no problem there, and is sending me for a cerebral vascular ct angiogram , since i do have vascular problems,

    maybe a vein or artery is narrowed.

    I have also had Neck message therapy, which has not helped.

    As to your question re Exercise, my activity level has dramatically decreased because of these symptoms, but now that you mentioned it, I may just try to increase my exercises, it's been hard for me to exercise when i don't feel to good, but will try.

    I have been listening to anxiety and stress relief music at night before bed, and I do breathing exercises every night.

    Thanks for the feedback! NEIL.MOSS

  • Exercise may be a good idea - what about pilates or yoga - that deals with balance, core strength and breathing and relaxation. That sound like just what would be needed.


  • Thanks for your feedback, i do feel the need for core strength exercises.

    Exercising has been hard for me because of my symptoms of swaying, and movement, but do breathing exercises at night with anxiety relief music.

    Thanks NEIL.MOSS

  • I totally understand the resistance to exercising. There are lots of youtube videos for yoga and pilates and even if you try 10 minutes of the standing up ones - you can build you confidence slowly. You don't want to be laying down for an exercise then getting up and going down again! Good luck Neil, you can do it :)

  • Hello,

    And thanks for the advice about the Yoga and Pilates, will get right to it today,

    thanks so much for caring.

    On a separate note, i was reading about the Mal De Debarquement symptoms, they look awfully familiar to me, infact I had my Gloria take me for a short car ride to beach, and hardly felt the symptoms.

    Again, thankyou so much.. NEIL.MOSS

  • Sounds maybe neurological or maybe ms

  • Thanks for your input, went and had MRI brain scan, and met with my neurologist, everything was fine.

    However my vascular Dr, asked me to get a Cerebral Vascular ct/ angiogram. no mention of MS.

    Thanks NEIL.MOSS

  • have you had your B12 /folate levels checked.

    Link to a fuller listing of symptoms of B12 deficiency


  • Have not had b12 level checked as of yet.

    I don't have a problem , being tired all the time.

    My problem is Imbalance.

    My Body seems to sway and move continuously, even when i know i am sitting down still.

    Thanks for INput


  • B12D hits people in different ways. at its worst for me I had huge problems with balance - not uncommon - and even when i knew there was a chair there i still needed to put my hand on it to make sure as i tried to lower myself on to it - just didn't really know where bits of my body were.

  • Thanks for your response.

    Next time I am at Dr's office will check.

    Thanks NEIL.MOSS

  • Sounds like you have full blown anxiety panic attacks because I feel like that all the time. Full blown anxiety panic attacks means you have every symptom under the sun. You can have one symptom that don't really bother you to much to where you can just ignore it or you can have several symptoms at one time it is very scary at times but I'm still learning to deal with it. It sux my body starts to itch, head pressure, body pain, shoulders hurt neck stiff, body twitching, dry mouth hot and cold flashes tiredness, anxious, inside mouth felling weird jaw tightness, clenching teeth, I've learn to eat healthy like not greasy foods, no salt, spicey foods, stay hydrated at all times because that is a big trigger is to be dehydrated.. get some muscle rubs it's called tiger balm or Dragon it work very well. Drink sleepy time tea at night before you go to bed, and make a dry rice pack out if an old clean sick tie it in a not and put it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes and put it on your sore muscles . Take one aleeve every day it also helps.. if you have or can get Flexeril that really help wonders help with pain/muscel tention. Well I hope I helped a little I hope you feel better soon I know anxiety panic attacks are very scary but you have to train your self your brain to believe your gonna be fine because you are your brain is just messing with you . You will be just fine I promise. I will pray for you every single day,nigbt.. please believe me it is only anxiety try your best when you feel it coming on just ride through it OK don't fight it tell your self it will pass and you are fine. The more you do that and keep your mind occupied it will pass and the anxiety will slow down and eventually stop.

  • Thank you for the suggestions, I feel better already ........ Neil

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