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Fear of Dying of a Heart Attack

I felt a sudden press on my chest area 3 days ago and it was like I was having a heart attack and frankly I don't know if it was a real but short heart attack or something temporary. I'm just 18. I didn't want to go crazy and I calmed myself down but it scared me so much. I have shortness of breath, sharp chest pains and sometimes heart palpitations. I need a reassurance because I am so scared. I want to enjoy my life without thinking these horrible symptoms but they have captured me and my body. My mind always makes me think the worst case scenarios and causes me to panic instead of making me feel comfortable and I'm scared to see a doctor.

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Drink a carbonated drink ( I drink Sprite, it will help you burp and feel better. If that doesn't work, call for doc appt .


First of all your not alone I know it hard to believe it's all part of anxiety you will get all different sensations anxiety is really in.your mind when you get these pains in chest or not being able to breath try distract your mind get up and try do something play a game read a book ring a friend go for awalk tell yourself you'll be ok it's just anxiety trying to fighting you you need to try fight bk it's not easy I'm still trying to fight my own your so young u will get there and if it feels to much go see your gp hope you get well soon

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