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Poor sleep/anxiety

Okay, so poor sleep never used to bother me, like it wouldn't make me panic or anything, and I've been doing so well on not reacting and keeping my panic in check.

So can anxiety exacerbate the symptoms you'd experience after poor sleep? I didn't sleep well so I feel crappy and I'm also on a trip I do NOT want to be on. So I'm trying to tell myself nothing is medically wrong; that this is normal. Like poor sleep causing lack of appetite? I used to not care! Now it's suddenly a big deal. Can anxiety+poor sleep cause this?

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Well personally I would say yes it can cause this , there is nothing worse than I feel making your anxiety feel worse than loosing out on a good nights sleep & especially when you have to get up and do something you may not want to do like you & having to go on a trip

Have you sought any help maybe from your Doctor about your lack of sleep ?

Have you tried any coping strategies yourself maybe like going to bed a little later so you may sleep longer through the night , reading before bed , listening to music maybe , taking a warm bath , trying a little mindfulness , they do say to keep of computers and switch the TV of a good hour or so before bed to give the mind time to calm down

Hope you got through the trip ok and your sleeping improves soon :-) x


I don't have sleeping problems, I was stressed over the trip which is why I didn't get much sleep. :)


Oh well that is pretty common when we have anxiety and we are going somewhere , if it is not a regular thing then that is good :-) x


It happens sometimes, but I think that's pretty normal anyway.


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