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Discovering Anxiety

Hi I'm. new so thought I would introduce myself. My realization that I suffered with anxiety was when my DD got treated for it at school. It took two schools, two support agencies and three infant teachers to finally find out what was wrong and then one fantastic teacher to give her all the support she needs and finally she has the coping mechanisms to get through her day at school :) However I have now realized I too suffer from anxiety.

I've suffered with depression since I was 16 when I got put onto medication. I hated it so took myself off them, then the inevitable happened, ignoring the symptoms didn't help so when I was in my early 20's the strong medication was prescribed! Not wanting to go onto medication I studied CBT and I can honestly say it worked however I always thought something else was there but could never put my finger on it.

I suffer the most when:

I'm in a relationship

My work life suddenly becomes really pressurized (why I chose a sales career I will never know I'm so tough on myself who needs to throw targets in the way)

The most recent symptom for me is heart pulpitations before I fall into a deep sleep. I think I'm getting them because I'm not with my partner tonight when I have been mainly for the past 4 months and if not I've been so tiered I've not even noticed he isn't there! but its the weekend and we have been around each other so much we both needed some me time. However I'm hating it right now.

I'm thinking about what happens when anxiety hits and what are my symptoms I've read a few posts and things I didn't know where connected with anxiety I'm learning are this is my list:

Negative thoughts

Heart pulpitations

The need for structure

Feeling insecure

I can be very insuler when naturally I'm very outgoing and bubbly

I'm normally quite quick witted but find im being more and more serious and laugh on the inside rather than show my feelings

Emotional - this is a big one for me how my bf has put up with me blowing hot and cold I nearly left him last week but knew that we were fine and its is me that needs to sort out my issues.

I could go on the heart palpitations along with dizziness tonight were the last straw I'm so glad I found this site reading a few posts have already helped me.

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Oh I am so pleased your Daughter got some support and is now managing her anxiety , she must be young and goes to show anxiety holds no prisoners

You also sound like you have been doing really well and have a lot of copying skills but I know no matter how many you have there are always times when you need some support or just someone to understand how you feel and I hope you will get some more replies soon so you know you now have some where to come where you will find that :-)

Take Care x

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