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Driving Panic

Hi there, so I'm 16, and I am a new driver who suffers from anxiety. When I drive with my father, once in a while he'll yell at me to do something, which causes me to panic, and brake becuase I'm startled by him and I'm very sensitive when it comes to yelling. How do I tell him that he can't yell at me to do something, becuase that triggers my anxiety, I brake. He's telling me to do research, but I really don't know what to do. What else can I do so that I don't panic and brake, becuase it's dangerous on the road.


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I take it you don't live in the UK because it is 17 before we can learn to drive

This is a very difficult one when parents take their children driving or any family member is teaching another family member to drive as when we go with an Instructor as we do in the UK they would never yell at us yet family sometimes think because they are family they can yell yet it is not right and when we have anxiety & are sensitive this can be to mush for us

I remember years ago , my Dad had taught my Mum to drive and then my Sister , he was very firm and would raise his voice but they seemed to be fine with it , then came my turn and his mannerisms made me a nervous wreck & I had to quit going with him , he caused some upset and I was made to feel it was me but looking back I now no it was not

Then my children he taught my 2 eldest kids but the third one that is more sensitive could not take it either and he is opting to go with an instructor

I think it is obvious you need to talk to your Dad but I can also understand why you feel apprehensive

Can you speak to your Mum about how you feel , could she maybe speak to your Dad or open the conversation up between you and support you ?

Or you could even write your feelings down and ask your Dad to read them if you feel speaking to him is to daunting or the last thing is wait till he is in a good mood and just tell him , be open & honest and if he says or implies you are been silly tell him that this is how you feel and if your feelings are silly to him they are very real to you and you want his support with this

Not sure if this will help but Good luck with sorting it out :-) x


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