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Bee Sting

I got stung by a bee this afternoon around 1:30 pm it didnt leaving the sting but it made me bleed. i panicked of course thinking omg i am going to have a bad reaction and stop breathing. I made myself crazy I put ice on it Anti itch cream but still I started to google how long before I stop Breathing. MY arm was sore i set a timer thinking ok if 30 minutes goes I will be out of the woods THEN I started googling more I read all the horrible stories about delayed reactions. MY goodness its 9 hours after the fact and I am still searching on the computer. Please i need to know how to stop worrying so much help me.

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I use a gratitude list to deal w anxiety like this.

Deep breathing



get a hobby

go for a walk

Find a place to volunteer etc

The more I got out of my head and into helping others, the better life became.

I have a connective tissue disease, auto immune disease, and broke my leg the wek after I finally got that diagnosis lol!

One of the ulcers in my mouth ( part of my lupus) was not healing and about 10 days after the leg. I was told needed biopsy. My anxiety was going through the roof from lack of control, and fear of unknown.

I can't do anything about my diseases. I'm at the mercy of when it presents. So I learned w help of ppl here and others about prayer and waiting.

Now I learned two months later that I tore my bicep months ago and my fibro is so bad, I did not notice it. How stupid of me! I have scasts from a fire\ attack that were hurting, it did mask everything. So now it's 4 more surgies on that arm.

I tell you BC I want you to know that sometimes we can worry ourselves sick. Literally. I was always a worrier from 7 years old on .... Now i am 51 and really sick.

Maybe there is something to the idea that happy people attract health?

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What a terrible thing fear is. You not only got stung by a bee, you were attacked by fear. As we all know, Google is a great resource until we start going into it too far....and that is what you have done .... I've been there on more than one occasion. Since I assume you are able to read this, let me assure you that you are okay. If you have any residual problems (which I doubt you will) just pop over to your doctor and get a quick check. I am not a bee expert but I sure know a lot about anxiety and panic attacks. For those of us that suffer from them everything is scary and life threatening. The other person that responded gave a list of things that they do ... deep breathing etc. Find something that gets you out of your own head and focus on that. I do my best house cleaning when I am in the throes of an anxiety attack. The activity really helps me; movement is what seems to do the trick. If I am really scrubbing or dusting or washing windows, my brain calms down. Just playing a game on the computer calms me. So try to find something that helps you focus on IT and the fear will slide away. Sending you my best wishes for a happier YOU.

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BTW, this responder did better than me 😄😄😄 at trying to reassure you, you are not crazy for feeling anxious once you Google stuff.. That will scare anyone

And they said it beautifully!!! Very kindly acknowledging your very real anxiety. I'm sorry if I came off blunt.. I can be like that lately. It's like know to get to the point quick and forget to be kind.

Please forgive me, I d like to say ditto to boawoman's post and I want to be her when I get better! Lol



Hello Chicago! You have gotten some good advice, and there is only one thing I would like to add. Buy a bottle of what is called Bentonite Clay... when you get any kind of bite or sting. immediately apply a good soaking of it and keep in on there.

This is not an old wives tale...THIS WORKS... my 5 year old grandson was bitten by not just a bee...but a BROWN RECLUSE...they can be deadly... and his mother started doing the soaks right away...and within 4 or 5 days, all was well... With that kind of a spider bite it takes awhile for the swelling and discoloration to go away. (yes, they had checked with a dr there is NOTHING they can Lori told him what she was doing and he said "Keep it up"...)


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