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Mood dip

Does anyone have any experience with eating in a regular, structured, balanced way for a number of weeks and then suddenly your mood dropping? I just dont understand. I'm doing everything right for my body physically, I'm taking my anti-depressant and have been for several months, eating regulary, not purging, taking excercise but not over excercising and getting enough rest... It seems so unfair that when I'm trying to look after myself my mood just wont play ball.

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I know the more we do and the less we feel we are not getting the results we want is so frustrating !

I think like this though if I am doing everything I can to feel fit & well and still feel pretty rubbish , imagine what I might feel if I was not even worse no doubt so I try & look on that as a positive :-)

Do you think the meds you are taking are working ?

Might be worth seeing your Doctor & explaining everything you are doing with no results as after several months on them they should be helping to lift your mood a little

But good for you doing all that you can to help yourself as it would be so easy to throw the towel in as we say but you are staying strong & in time I am sure you will reap the benefits :-)

Take Care x


Yes me too


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