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talked myself out of low mood.

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Hi all,as you all know by now I have a phobia with taking meds,well forced myself to take half of a st johns wort tablet,last evening,felt alright for an hour,then nausea set in,felt like being sick,of course I started to panic then.felt dizzy,spacey head etc;I got really depressed.this lasted all night,finally slept.this morning I awoke in a very low mood,still had nausea,but after doing nearly a year of CBT I suddenly thought ,right im going to put this into practice,I started talking to myself in my head,(Mia your feeling good ,its great to be alive,you have a great husband an family,an your going on hols in 2 weeks time,God your so lucky,to hell with this anxiety,you know you can control it .)amazingly I found my mood rising, and my anxiety lowering,I got up,had breakfast ,went to shops,and completely ignored the rain,to anyone who is in doubt if CBT works,let me tell you it really does..xxxxx

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im glad to hear that as ive just started cbt. well done . x

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I start CBT on Monday..I'm feeling really positive about it.

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Well done you, thumbs up!

i too did cbt and practice does improve the way u deal with anxiety .i find avoidance is a big problem that keeps anxiety going xx

That is encouraging me to remember to practice - I forget all the time - well done x

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